Training decision making to improve scoring

The vast majority of golfers view golf lessons as purely a swing lesson. A session designed to improve the function of the swing and subsequent ball striking. On the golf course in competition play, there are a multitude of errors that occur before the club is even taken away. If you combine … [Read more...]

The High Performance Golf Environment

There are many aspects to improving ones’ golf performance. This goes far beyond  lessons focused purely on technique. The environment that a player is in the majority of the time has a significant impact on the development of the player. You only need to look at successful golf programs such as the … [Read more...]

Using Trackman to Measure Attack Angle

Trackman is a Doppler radar based launch monitor. It is one of the most essential tools we use at the PGACLP. Nearly every full swing session utilizes this tool, ranging from a five ball check to monitor improvement, up to a full session. The strength of Trackman is the accuracy of the measurements. … [Read more...]