Hit the ball further by optimising your gym program

Hit the ball further by optimising your gym program

If you want to hit a golf ball FURTHER – you need to be able to swing the golf club FASTER. This requires you to train specific muscle groups to work faster and more powerfully. But does your gym program promote SPEED and POWER? You may be spending hours each week in the gym but you could be getting better bang for your buck with a more specific program.

A lot of gym goers will follow a classic 3 sets of 10 reps to some level of fatigue for all their exercises. Although this is not a bad recipe for building some level of strength and maintaining muscle bulk, its not likely to help you generate more speed and therefore hit the ball further.

If you want to get more out of your gym program, it needs to be SPECIFIC to what you actually want to achieve out of it. Depending on your goals in the gym, your program is likely to look vastly different. If speed is the goal, then you need to train in a way that is fast and explosive. The idea of training explosive or heavy movements may be daunting, but with good technique, proper screening and a measured approach, the likelihood of injury is quite low (often lower than your 3×10 program).

A strength and conditioning assessment session will involve:

  • A full screening of your injury history
  • Assessing your gym experience
  • Assessing your technique with important gym exercises
  • Testing for your current strength and power
  • A comprehensive program to get you started on the right path at the gym

Of course – a high velocity, or heavy program is not for everyone. If you haven’t done a lot of strength work, or have a current or pre-existing injury then you will most likely need to tailor a program around your current needs.

If you’re looking to get more out of your gym program or are looking to get into the gym and start your fitness journey – have our physiotherapist and strength and conditioning coach write a program for you! Book online for a 1 hour Strength and Conditioning session with our physiotherapist to get started.


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