MyGolf program at Sandhurst

2017 Term dates:

Term 4: Monday 9th October to Sunday 17th December ($165.00 for 10 weeks)

Coaches: David Thomas and Yoyo Han

Available classes: Wednesday 4:30pm (David), Thursday 4:30pm (David), Saturday 9am (Yoyo), Saturday 10am (Yoyo), Sunday 9am (David), Sunday 10am (David)

Objective: To teach the student the fundamentals of striking the ball and all rules and etiquette of the game to enable them to play on a  golf course as soon as possible. Our coach’s have constructed games that are both fun and technically challenging to all levels. All of these “games” are designed to improve the skill level which will be tested at the end of each term.

Overview: Classes will run for 1 hour each week for 8-11 weeks depending on the length of the school term. Classes will follow a predictable structure each week:

  1. Introduction and safety rules (every session)
  2. Warm up activities
  3. Skill development with technique assistance
  4. Games and game based learning
  5. Summary, overview and announcements

Activities, games and skill areas (chipping, putting etc) will be adjusted to suit the needs of the juniors

In the last two weeks of each term the coaches will facilitate skills challenges with the students. The second last week of term will be a practice run on the skills challenge. These skills challenges will allow the student/parents better understand the student’s skill level and provide feedback on areas that require more attention.

The juniors will be awarded three skill levels according to the performance in the challenges:

  1. Rookie
  2. Star
  3. Master


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