Physical Preparation Services

A variety of physical preparation services are available ranging from physiotherapy and massage treatment to strength and conditioning programming and testing. All physical preparation staff have extensive experience working with PGA Tour Players and Golf Australia National Team members down to the regular club golfer.

Golf Specific Sports Massage

Physiotherapy tableSports massage services are ideal for people looking to reduce pain whilst playing golf and in everyday life. It is also suitable for people looking to improve golf performance through enhanced physical abilities such as improved range of motion.

Many PGA Tour players employ the services of a massage therapist full time whilst playing on tour and make regular treatment a vital part of not only their recovery process but also a vital part of improving their performance.

For example a stiff mid back (thoracic spine) can cause issues with rotation and may force other areas of the body to compensate thus increasing the load on the secondary area and causing injury or pain. Treatment can facilitate improvement in golf technique due to an improvement in a golfers physical limitations.

Standard consultation $125 per hour



Physical Preparation – Strength and Conditioning

Physical PrepGolf specific strength and conditioning is suited to people looking to improve golf specific strength and power, improve movement patterns and decrease injury risk. The sessions are designed to enable the golfer to be self sufficient through programming and education rather than a personal training type service.
Initial testing and programming $250 (2 hours approximately), Standard consultation $125 per hour.

3d Biomechanical Analysis

golf 3d biomechanical analysis3d motion analysis creates an accurate animation of the swing that can be viewed from any angle, as well as exact data on any body segment throughout the swing. It provides a quantitative analysis of swing dynamics, timing, consistency, injury risk and dynamic postural control. From here recommendations can be made to improve golf technique and training programs.

Golf specific exercise drills and flexibility exercises can then be prescribed to the student to improve the swing efficiency.

Biofeedback is also a useful tool for providing real time auditory feedback for the student. A tone is emitted when the student is performing the movement correctly and working through the correct range of motion in a given body segment. The student uses this feedback to enhance the “feel” for the movement and skill learning is accelerated.

Some of the benefits of the 3d motion analysis and biofeedback are:

  • increased club head speed
  • a more efficient swing
  • reduction in pain associated with playing golf
  • reduced injury risk
  • improved ball control


$400 per 2 hour session, sessions will be conducted indoors at the PGACLP
To book any Physical Preparation Services please call 8658-3979 or contact us here

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