Physiotherapy now available for golfers and general public

Are you suffering from acute pain or injury? Not moving as well as you’d like to? Based at the PGACLP, Sandhurst we offer a variety of physiotherapy

reatment options to improve your pain and quality of movement.

The PGA of Australia is one of the most trusted sporting brands in the country. At our acclaimed PGA Centre for Learning and Performance we treat both athletes and general public with the same level of care and respect. We ensure that your need for short term pain relief is met as well as formulating a longer term plan for health and wellness.

Typical physiotherapy sessions include:

  • Injury and/or pain assessment
  • Treatment techniques to improve musculo-skeletal dysfunction
  • Individualised advice on rehabilitation protocols

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Golf Specific Physiotherapy

golf physioGolf is unique sport that places unusual demands on the body. Often the golfer that works a desk job is ill-equipped posturally to meet the demands of swinging a golf club. Conversely the avid practicer is doing countless repetitions unilaterally that can place great strain on the body.

Some of the more common injuries to golfers include lower back pain, neck and shoulder issue, hip and wrist pain. Our staff have a great understanding of the typical issues that golfers face with their bodies. Our physiotherapist can get you back playing on course following a recent injury or improve your function to allow you and your golf coach to make the technical changes you desire.

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Meet Our Physiotherapist – Jordan Rutherford

Jordan Rutherford Golf Physio

Jordan graduated from Monash University with a Bachelor of Physiotherapy (Honours). Since graduating he has spent 3 years working at a private practice treating a wide range of musculoskeletal and sporting injuries as well as outpatient post-surgical rehabilitation. Jordan has post-graduate training in sports physiotherapy, dry needling, clinical pilates.

Clinical interest areas:

  • Lower back and neck pain
  • Sporting injuries and rehabilitation
  • Post-surgical rehabilitation

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