Putting Studio – SAM Puttlab

indoor putting studio

One of the significant features of the PGACLP is the indoor putting studio. Genuinely one of the best studios in Australia, a true synthetic putting green combined with SAM Puttlab and high speed video means a high level of technical analysis can be performed.

Video is taken from a variety of angles and is displayed on monitors in the studio using the V1 coaching system which allows a traditional camera based view of the putting stroke.

The crown jewel of the putting studio is the SAM Puttlab, an ultrasound based putting analysis system that measures many aspects of the putter and the initial roll of the golf ball.

The Puttlab presents data  in a total of 28 specific areas such as:

  • Face angle at setup
  • Face angle at impact
  • Path of putter
  • Timing
  • Rise angle

Puttlab can be used in many ways to accelerate putting improvement:

  • Putter fitting
  • Technique analysis
  • Consistency analysis
  • Real time shot feedback for accelerated learning

View an example Puttlab report

Our Process

After the initial interview phase an assessment is made on the quality of your putting stroke using a combination of SAM Puttlab and video analysis.

The results from this assessment are discussed with several key points highlighted for further improvement.

Using technical intervention and/or a modification to equipment a training session is constructed that looks to improve the quality of the putting stroke. Using real time feedback from the SAM Puttlab and/or video system your coach will work with you to ensure you leave with a specific plan for improvement. Many students experience measurable improvement during the session and leave feeling excited about their putting.

Cost is $150 per person, Full Puttlab and video analysis, report and recommendations (1 hour)

Premium Puttlab Pack

  • All the features of the full analysis
  • Putting improvement drill booklet (yours to keep)
  • PGACLP Putting aid pack that includes tools to improve putter face and path control in your stroke.

Cost is $500 for 4 sessions (4 hours) paid in advance, valid for 12 months
To book call 8320 1902 or contact us here